Let our leaf sweeten yours

A natural sweetness without all the calories...

Canadians looking for a natural way to satisfy their sweet tooth without all the extra calories need look no further than Pure Via!

Pure Via Stevia is sweetened with a naturally sourced sweetener made from the pure, sweet extract of the stevia plant. It's a great tasting, zero calorie alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Pure Via™ also now offers its Pure Via Stevia 50-count packets produced with Non-GMO ingredients. Use Pure Via™ Stevia just like sugar to add sweetness to hot or cold beverages, sprinkle on your favourite fruits or any other recipes you wish. Enjoy!

Pure Via
50 count Packets

Pure Via is available in a convenient 50-count package with "take anywhere" packets. This zero-calorie sweetener is now Non-GMO.

Pure Via
9.7 oz. (275 g) bag

Now you can enjoy your sweet treats with zero calories, granulated Pure Via sweetened using steviol glycosides. It's great for cooking and baking and measures cup for cup like sugar.

Pure Via
Stevia Liquid
48 mL (48 servings):

Great for on-the-go, these bottles can easily fit in your purse, backpack, pocket or gym bag and the no-drip lid means no messes! Pure Via liquid sweetener has a clean, sweet taste, contains zero calories and dissolves quickly in both hot and cold beverages, allowing you to personalize your beverages to your sweetness preference. Big things come in small packages – sweet things, too!