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Please take the time to review our Privacy Policy to better understand why we collect certain information and how we handle this information once it has been provided. Our goal is for you to feel welcome and comfortable while visiting our site. We are eager to provide information that is valuable and beneficial to your style of life.

Information Collection and Use Overview Statement

The Company will make every effort to use your personal information according to the terms of the Privacy Policy. By using this site, you agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy. The Company will only collect or use personally identifiable information (described below) if you voluntarily submit it to us. We will only sell, use, share, or rent this information to others as described below.

Visitors to may be given the opportunity to provide information at several different locations on the website. The following details the types of information we capture on and how we intend to use the information. is not directed at, or suitable for, children under the age of 13, and The Company LLC does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13.

Active data collection and use

Active data collection occurs when a visitor voluntarily provides information on a form provided on this website. Name, address, and e-mail address information provided by a visitor are used to fulfill a visitor's request for information such as recipes, newsletters, etc. From time to time, The Company may ask visitors to whether they or a member of their family have diabetes. The Company is not a healthcare provider or clearinghouse, as defined under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended, and the collection, storage or use of such information by The Company is not covered by this Act. In addition to requesting information described on the site, a visitor who submits a registration form may be included in periodic mailings from The Company, and/or from other organizations whose products and services we believe you may find interesting. Typically, we are compensated by these organizations for providing such information. If a visitor does not wish to receive such mailings, they may indicate so on the form. The Company communicates with consumers who elect to receive information via postal mail and/or e-mail. We use the responses provided in the survey portion of the registration form to determine the types of mailings that would interest you. It is also possible that a third party might acquire your personal information if The Company's business is ever sold in whole or in part.

If you elected to receive information from The Company or any of The Company's partner organizations in the past but wish to stop doing so, you may complete and submit our "Opt-out form" and The Company will no longer make your information available to our partner organizations. However, in that event, we may not be able to remove your name from our partners' mailing lists and The Company will not be obligated to take any action to cause any of its partner organizations to remove your name from its mailings lists or otherwise no longer use your personal information. You then will have to directly request that these organizations remove your name from their lists.

Review of personal information

The Company does not provide past or present visitors to with a process to review and request changes to personal information that The Company has collected. Passive data collection and use of Passive data collection may occur as a result of a visitor's activities while browsing a website. The web server currently recognizes only a visitor's IP address. To maintain visitor anonymity, we do not associate IP addresses with records containing personal information. Cookies are pieces of information that a Web site transfers to an individual's hard disk for record keeping purposes.

Cookies are not currently being collected on the website. The Company also currently does not have any special relationships with any ad server companies. In the future The Company may, in its sole discretion and without notice to any past or then current user of the website, collect passive data and develop contractual or other arrangements with one or more ad server companies.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

Since the website is dynamic, we will periodically update this Privacy Policy to describe the information being collected at the time of a visit and how this information will be used by The Company. A visitor to the website will be provided with the opportunity to opt-out of any future communications from The Company that may result from visiting the website by completing our Opt-out form. The Company disclaims any obligation to notify past users of the website of any change or addition to the Privacy Policy.

Data Security

The Company attempts to protect the information provided through this website and stored both online and offline. Servers storing electronic information are kept in a secure environment. However, The Company makes no representation or warranty that it will be able to prevent unauthorized access to, or use or disclosure of, personal information stored electronically by or on behalf of The Company. The Company further disclaims any obligation to notify any past or current user of the website of any unauthorized access to, or use or disclosure of, personal information stored electronically by or on behalf of The Company.